Title-less slides


Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel


July 20, 2022

#slide-id and data-menu-title

Most slides are comprised of a title and content, but sometimes you might choose to not have a title for a slide.

For example, if you just want to a full slide image or want to show an impactful quote on a slide with nothing else. You can have title-less slides in Quarto, but if you want those slides to appear properly in the presentation outline you’ll need to do the following:

  • Define a slide ID with #slide-id to be used as the slug in the slide URL.
  • Define data-menu-title = "Slide title" to be used in the presentation outline.

Here is a sample slide deck with three slides:

Check out the presentation outline by clicking on the hamburger menu (the three lines) at the bottom left of the slides as well and open the slides in a new tab/window to review the slide URLs: https://mine-cetinkaya-rundel.github.io/quarto-tip-a-day/posts/23-titleless-slides/titleless.html#/slide-1-title.

Now check out the source code for the slide deck: https://github.com/mine-cetinkaya-rundel/quarto-tip-a-day/blob/main/posts/23-titleless-slides/titleless.qmd.

  • Slide 1 has a title and content:
## Slide 1 title

Slide 1 content - this slide has a title
  • Slide 2 has no title but content:

Slide 2 content - this slide has no title
  • Slide 3 also has no title but content, but also defines a slide ID and data-menu-title.
##  {#slide3-id data-menu-title="Slide 3 title for outline"}

Slide 3 content - this slide has no title, but has a slide ID and `data-menu-title`.

A couple more notes on slide titles:

  • You can choose to have slide numbers instead of slugs based on slide IDs show up in the URL by setting hash-type: number.
    hash-type: number
  • If your slide has no title and no text content (e.g., you only have a picture on the slide) but has speaker notes, the document outline will show the speaker notes if you don’t define data-menu-title. You probably don’t want that…

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