Collection of analyses, packages, visualisations of COVID-19 data in R

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This repo links to a collection of analyses on and representations of COVID19 data in R. Inclusion on the list does not mean the analysis was verified by me or that I endorse the findings. It should also be noted that some of the analysis / data might be out of date, so these should not be viewed, by default, as current findings.

I’m collecting them as they get posted online so that I can come back to them later to develop educational examples based on theses data. I should also note that one should think about using these as class examples thoroughly – the situation is affecting all of us (and our students) greatly and it’s possible some students are personally affected by the pandemic.

Subheadings are in flux as of now, as more analyses get added I might recategorize them.

If you have examples to add, please open an issue or make a pull request.

Blog posts

Shiny apps / dashboards



Most of these are data only packages, but sone omly feature functions for creating visualisations and dashboard from the data in the package.


These are not necessarily R specific resources, but they’re mostly what the analyses in R rely on and/or are stored in a format that is easily digestable by R.

Journal articles


Educational activities


Analysing COVID data responsibly

These are not #rstats specific, but important to digest before diving into the data.

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