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Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel


July 21, 2022

Citation from DOI

This is a bit of a Quarto tip and a bit of an RStudio Visual Editor tip that will also work with R Markdown documents.

To add a citation, let’s say from a DOI,

  • Go to Insert > Citation
  • Choose DOI from the left menu
  • Paste the DOI of the journal article or book you want to cite in the search box and click search
  • Once the work you want to cite is located, click on Insert

Using RStudio's Visual Editor to insert a citation from DOI. The citation is for the Welcome to the Tidyverse paper. Citation is inserted using DOI and the Insert Citation menu. Steps for inserting a citation this way can be found below.

That’s it, you’re done! This will automatically create a bib file in your working directory, or if you already have one, add to it. It will also add a bibliography field to the YAML of your document, which will automatically insert your references at the end.

A few more tips about citations and references:

  • If you want your references to be in a new section, add that section header to the end of your document and your references will be placed after it.
  • This method works with Quarto documents regardless of the format, so you can insert citations the same way into a journal article and a presentation. With presentations you’ll probably want your references on the last slide. Adding a H2 level heading like “References” will place them on a new slide.
  • To insert an in-text citation, check the box “Use in-text citation”.
  • The same menu can be used to insert citations from a variety of sources, including your Zotero library.

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