Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel


July 19, 2022


You can create interactive Quarto documents using Shiny. To do so:

  • Add server: shiny to the YAML of your document.
  • Define Shiny UI elements in plain R code chunks.
  • Place Shiny server code in R code chunks with the chunk option context: server.

Below is an example of a Quarto document with Shiny elements in it. Click on a different radio button to see the effect in the document.

You can also click on the </> Code link in the document to view the source code for the document.

You’ll see that:

  • We create an input widget called radio_input in the first code chunk.
  • The value of this widget is stored in output$radio_output (which is in a code chunk with context: server, which is not visible in the rendered document).
  • The output element called radio_output is displayed using the verbatimTextOutput in the last code chunk.

This document is then deployed to You can find the standalone document at


In addition to Shiny, you can add interactivity to your Quarto documents with:

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