Font Awesome


Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel


July 15, 2022

Font Awesome

Including Font Awesome icons in Quarto documents is now easy peasy lemon squeezy with the Font Awesome extension. Just surround the Font Awesome icon name in {{< and >}}.

input output
{{< fa brands apple >}}

{{< fa calendar >}}

{{< fa user-doctor >}}

{{< fa door-closed >}}

To use this extension run the following in your terminal in the Quarto project you want to use these icons.

quarto install extension quarto-ext/fontawesome

This will prompt you to answer if you trust the extension, and you should decide that for yourself. This particular extension is developed by the Quarto development team. Once you say yes, the extension will be installed in an _extensions subdirectory.

A few notes on this extension:

  • Icons can be used in both HTML and PDF output.
  • Only the free Font Awesome icons are supported:
  • If you’re using version control, you should check in the _extensions directory.

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