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Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel


July 7, 2022


To publish a file not explicitly linked from pages in your Quarto site, add a resources entry to your _quarto.yml file.

For example, to include all PDF files within the project directory as part of the website, you can use the following.

  type: website
    - "*.pdf"

If the PDF files are linked from somewhere in your website, they should automatically be copied over to your _site directory when your site is built. But if Quarto somehow fails to do that, adding them as resources should fix the issue.

A few other notes on this feature:

  • resources entries are character strings so they should have quotes around them.
  • You can use Quarto Glob Syntax when defining resources for Quarto websites.
  • Quarto cannot render xaringan slides but you can include the Rmds and the resulting HTML files of your xaringan slide decks by including them as resources. Note that the slide decks are in a folder starting with _ to indicate that quarto render should ignore that folder.
  type: website
    - "_xaringan-slides/"
  • resources metadata can also be added to individual files. For example, if you have a course website with a syllabus page, and you also want to allow downloading a PDF version of the syllabus from that page, you might use something like the following.
title: "Syllabus"
  - "syllabus.pdf"

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