Slide annotation


Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel


July 4, 2022

chalkboard: true

The chalkboard: true option for revealjs slides enables you to annotate your slides by drawing on them as well as open up an empty chalkboard within your presentation.

    chalkboard: true

When you add this to your slide source code, you’ll see two new icons appear in the bottom left corner of your slides: chalkboard and paintbrush.

  • Canvas annotation can be activated by clicking on the paintbrush icon and can be used to highlight / draw attention to particular items in your slide.

A slide with the title Penguins and a plot that shows the relationship between bill depth and bill length for penguins, colors by species. Clusters of species are marked with red annotation on the slide.

  • Chalkboard can be activated by clicking on the chalkboard icon. I often use this feature when I get a question during teaching that is not covered in the slides and requires some writing/drawing to effectively answer. It’s great help if you teach in a classroom where the chalk/whiteboard is not accessible when the projector screen is down.

A slide with chalkboard background and the word Hello! is written in white chalk.

Try interacting with these in the slides embedded above! To clear drawings click DEL (delete). You can also toggle between these features and download your annotations using keyboard shortcuts.

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