Reproducible authoring with Quarto

Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel

Duke University + RStudio

Rewind to TWR 2021

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In the beginning was R Markdown

Screenshot of last slide of a previous talk titled "In the beginning was R Markdown". The letters in this title are shown are letters on a keyboard. Underneath the keyboard is a text box with the words "and R Markdown continues to facilitate reproducibility, no matter your scope and experience..." and underneath that is another text box that has a link to that slide deck:

Fast forward to TWR 2022

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The story continues with Quarto…

Quarto logo with a speech bubble that says "Hello". The logo is a blue circle with a white cross in the middle, dividing the circle into four equal quadrants. The speech bubble has a flower on the corner.


  • Multi-language, next-generation version of R Markdown from RStudio
  • Includes dozens of new features and capabilities
  • Able to render most existing Rmd files without modification!

Let’s dive in!

Penguin with diving googles and bubbles coming out of snorkel, bubbles are the Quarto logo.

live demo…

Back on land!

Penguin with a bouncing ball, the ball is the Quarto logo.

Running code

Two engines supported for running computations:

  • Jupyter for running code from Python and many other languages

  • Knitr for running code from R

Editing documents

You’re not limited to RStudio for editing Quarto documents…

Quarto projects

Organize a collection of Quarto files in a folder as projects

  • render all or some of the files with a single command
  • share YAML configuration across multiple documents
  • redirect output artifacts to another directory
  • freeze rendered output (i.e. don’t re-execute documents unless they have changed)

New project menu in the RStudio IDE. Four types of new projects are highlighted: Quarto Project, Quarto Website, Quarto Blog, Quarto Book.

Quarto websites

Screenshot of the Quarto homepage at

Screenshot of course website for STA 210 at Duke at

Quarto blogs

Screenshot of Quarto Blog page at

Quarto books

Screenshot of Visualization Curriculum at

Get started!